Do RoeTech products need to be applied on a daily basis?
Yes. When treating grease, fats, and oils you want to apply a biological product on a daily basis to breakdown the build up so that a problematic situation does not occur.
Why have product names and product numbers changed?
RoeTech has introduced a new complete line of concentrated bacterial solutions.
Are RoeTech products safe for the environment?
Yes. RoeTech products are designed to be environmentally friendly. RoeTech products are formulated using only our patented natural bacteria cultures. No dangerous chemicals are added.
Can RoeTech products be used in a professional kitchen / restaurant?
Yes. Please check your local ordinances for any restrictions to bacterial products.

Will RoeTech Grease Trap Treatment eliminate the need to pump out my grease traps?
No, however it reduces the amount of grease build up and enhances the breakdown of the grease cap and reduces the odors associated with the trap. Typically, grease trap pump-outs will see less grease to be pumped out and in many cases extends the period between scheduled pump-outs. If used regularly GT can help reduce the number of pump outs needed.

Is RoeTech Drain & Trap Cleaner safe for all sink and drain lines in food preparation areas?
Yes. RoeTech Drain & Trap Cleaner can be applied to all kitchen sinks, floor drains and scrub sinks on a regular basis. It will not damage pipes, plumbing or other fixtures. It is non-corrosive and is safe for your workers hands.
Our restaurant sinks have continual backups from food particles that build up in the lines, what is the best product to use?
RoeTech Drain & Trap Cleaner is formulated with patented RoeTech bacterial cultures as well as fresh odor neutralizing fragrance which will keep the drains and traps free of organic debris, FOG, and other food particles which can be causing your drainage related issues.

Will Septic System Cleaner eliminate the need to pump out my septic system?
No, our Septic System Cleaner is designed to enhance and maintain the positive bacteria that are needed to allow a septic system to flow properly. It is very important to have your system pumped on a regular basis to ensure a healthy system. Your system should have proper bacteria added to it to break down any sludge accumulation within the system and to ensure the solids are being liquefied for proper drainage.

URINAL TREATMENT: Available in Quart size
How will applying RoeTech Urinal Treatment benefit our facility bathrooms?
By applying The RoeTech Urinal Treatment it will reduce the odors and help prevent Urinal Stone formation.
My company is having a problem with strong odors coming from the urinals. What treatment course should we take to eliminate the problem?
RoeTech Urinal Treatment should be applied as needed to degrade the urine and utilize ammonia. The process reduces odors and helps to prevent the buildup of salts that form urinal stones.
Can RoeTech Urinal Treatment be used in waterless urinal?
Yes, RoeTech Urinal Treatment can be used in either a conventional style flush urinal or a waterless urinal

SOAP DEGRADER: Available in Gallon & 2 Gallons sizes
I keep getting a soap build-up in our traps and sewage disposal line; Which RoeTech product should I use to help with this problem?
To help with soap related problems, such back-ups and over flows, use RoeTech Soap Degrader .

GT-MAX Concentrate: Available in 5 Gallon size
Our grease trap has excessive FOG, (fat, oils and greases) buildup , which product do you recommend?
For excessive FOG buildup RoeTech GT-MAX Concentrate is recommended. It is specially formulated for systems that have become overloaded with grease. GT-MAX Concentrate is our best system rejuvenator.