Our Goal

Roebic Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1959 in New Haven, Connecticut with the goal to provide the customer with environmentally friendly products that improve plumbing and sewage disposal system performance without the use of dangerous or toxic chemicals. Renowned for its high quality and effective bacterial based products; Roebic Laboratories, Inc. is in the unique position of being the only primary producer of bacterial cultures that also manufactures, formulates and offers their own brand of products for the professional, home and waste water treatment markets.


Our Commitment

As the product line has grown, so has the use of our products by restaurants, hotels and commercial businesses. We have modified some of these formulations and added new formulations specifically designed for the restaurant & hospitality industry, to create a comprehensive array of products to solve the plumbing and wastewater treatment problems frequently encountered by food service operators. Included in our offering are 3 distinct products for the treatment of grease traps, historically a significant and recurring issue for all restaurants.

Association Membership

Member of ISSA